We use traditional tried and tested methods to construct our frames that have been in use for hundreds of years. Oak as a material has many qualities including strength, durability, and beauty; but is also quick to erect. It reacts to changes in atmospheric conditions and over time the oak will shrink to tighten the traditional mortise and tenon joints. An oak frame structure actually becomes stronger over time.

Being a truly natural material, oak has the qualities that allows it to blend seamlessly with many other materials such as brick, clay tiles, and perfectly with glazing. The contrast between the solid oak frame and the transparent glazing adds a beautiful feature and character to your dwelling. Over time oak also gradually changes from a sharp yellow colour to a much softer grey, reducing its impact on surroundings.

All of our oak is carefully chosen from the finest quality suppliers, and is primarily sourced from Europe.

Oak frames are often well received by many planning departments at local councils as opposed to other structures. They are less intrusive on their surrounding natural environments and if designed correctly can seamlessly suit many locations.
Designing an oak frame has endless possibilities. There are many configurations of frames, trusses and roof designs that can be tailored to your individual needs. Each frame is individual and has its own superb character.

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We are committed to producing high quality buildings to go to hand in hand with a high quality service. Emphasis is placed on careful planning and providing a design stage that gives you a chance to get exactly what you require from your oak framed building. We employ a number of highly skilled and motivated staff that are able to cater to your needs.

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