We pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture oak framing that is both aesthetically pleasing and has immense structural strength.

We have grown through reputation to become prominent within the oak framing industry. Our workforce are highly motivated and each has their area of excellence, gaining great satisfaction from constructing oak products to the highest quality.

At Sussex Oak Structures we understand some clients may be experienced builders, and some are complete novices to the trade. We are able to tailor the project to your needs; providing advice when required, supply and erect frame, or supply only. We can take your project to whatever stage you require.

Please click on the gallery below to see a range of our completed projects. We are committed to creating a design unique to your needs, therefore we can take parts that you like from any examples you see.

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We are committed to producing high quality buildings to go to hand in hand with a high quality service. Emphasis is placed on careful planning and providing a design stage that gives you a chance to get exactly what you require from your oak framed building. We employ a number of highly skilled and motivated staff that are able to cater to your needs.

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